Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rose Soap from Alberta Burrill

The recipe is an afterthought written on the back of another recipe. It says Rose Soap, but there is no evidence of rose present. I suppose there are several sources for the rose scent. There are recipes that include rose petals as the sole source, but rose oils work well if added near the end of the process. There is no reason why any scent cannot be added.

1 Can of lye
Put in one quart of cold water.
Stir and let cool for 10 minutes.
8 cups of melted fat, cooled.
2 heaping teaspoons of borax
1 cup of ammonia.

Soap has a lot of variables and you should research a few tried and true recipes before relying on this to work well for you.

Pour into a shallow pan and cut into squares(or cut with a cookie cutter into any shape and remelt the balance to cool again.

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