Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mushroom Caviar Orloff

Orloff is a name for a turkey dish that is least to time.  Layers of turkey cutlets alternate with mushroom and onion caviar as a stuffing.  This inspired me to try this stuffing, or my version of it, as an ingredient in several diverse dishes.  For instance, this could be a stuffing for mushrooms, for small hollowed vegetables, mixed into meatloaf or meatballs, as a layer in a spinach and ham tart with eggs, in Fritattas or in omelets.  Or, it would be nice when mixed into fresh butter or cream cheese as a spread on bread, toast, crackers etc..

This is very simple and really requires no measurements.  All you do is finely mince a pile of mushrooms.  Add in about half the size pile of minced onions and fry them at a low temperature in butter or oil.  Cook and cook and cook till the moisture is nearly gone, then add either Sage, Oregano or Nepitella( a rather hard to find herb, but a classic with mushrooms). and a good splash of sherry, salt and pepper.
Continue to cook till that moisture is reduced, then pack it into a container to cool.
Use as is, or wait till it is cold and mix it, one for one, into the cream cheese or butter.
I would think that this would not be unhappy with a generous dose of minced garlic as well as onion.
Nepitella is sort of a cross between Mint and Oregano, and a combination of the two might be a good substitute.

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