Friday, January 9, 2009

Roasted potatoes 2

Mom, my sister and my brother on a short walk down the road through the potato fields in Littleton, Maine. I can never do the potatoes as well as she could.

Using half boiled potatoes that were cut in quarters. Lay the potatoes around a roast in their roasting pan. Brush them with melted butter and salt and pepper them, keeping in mind that there may be plenty of salt from the pan juices. Return the roast to the oven. Every 10 minutes or so, baste the potatoes with the pan juices, each time depositing and drying a layer of meat juice on the surface making a crust. This can also be done with carrots and sweet potatoes. Be careful not to over cook the potatoes. You want them to crisp on the surface, not fall apart when you touch them. If you fail at this, you may try removing the roast to rest wrapped in foil on the counter, arrange the potatoes in the drippings, raise the temperature of the oven and bake till crisp and well coated.

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