Sunday, August 30, 2009


They look a little like toasty brassieres don't they.
The reason I like calzones is that it is cheap to make bread dough, and you can extend a meager amount of fillings, which can include leftovers of most kinds.  A very cheap meal.  These are caramelized onions, meatballs, spinach, tomato and cheese.
Well...I just searched my own site and did not find a post that I thought was there.  I know it is there somewhere, but I do not have the energy to search for it today.  So, Since I am in the middle of a batch of them, I thought I would just snap a picture and post it. 
The first thing you do is go to my Pizza recipe.  Yes, you can search that!  After the rise, divide the dough into 6 balls and place on the counter in a small mound of flour.
Pull out one ball of dough along with some of the flour.  Turn it over in the flour a couple of times and pat into a flat disk.  Roll it out with a wine bottle or rolling pin, in a dusting of the flour from your mound.  Stretch occasionally as needed, but finish the chore with the pin so the dough is even.
If the dough keeps springing back on you to a smaller size, cover the whole thing in plastic wrap or a tea towel and let it all rest for ten minutes. 
  When the desired diameter is reached, rub a half teaspoon of oil on the dough where the tomato sauce will be sitting only.  Do not oil the edges where you will be sealing it up!
Place your fillings on half of the dough circle, and draw the other half over the top and stretch till it fits onto the other half's edge.  Seal the edges immediately by just pressing down on it.  Then starting  at the corner of the Calzone, roll a bit of the edge towards the center, and a bit toward the direction you will be continuing to.  Take the next half inch of dough along the edge and roll that in a bit farther along.  Press down hard to seal each twist.  I try to put a rope edge on by doing this.  But just folding and sealing any way you can will do.
You can brush the top with egg wash if you like a shiny brown surface and even dust it with sesame seeds.
I bake them on an oiled or cooking sprayed, foil lined cookie sheet, but you may cook them on a pizza stone as well.  Be sure to preheat the stone.  See pizza directions.
Cut a slit in the top. 

Bake at 375 till golden.
Serve a little sauce on the side if you like.  The sponge in the corner is also
 edible after about a week of sponging up Italian food! 
Can you tell I am not a pro photographer?

Put whatever you damned well please in it. 
I do not know if they cook long enough to count on raw meat, just precook the meats. 

Sausage, Egg, onions, peppers and cheese?
Shaved or sliced steak, peppers, onions cheese and mushrooms?(Cheese steak!)
Sauce, meatballs, onions cheese?
Lamb, Feta, spinach, black olives, onions?
Pepperoni, cheese and sauce?
Stew leftovers?
Thanksgiving leftovers?
MMMMMmmmmm...Braised chopped meat of short ribs in sauce with a great cheese?
Pulled Pork!!  Add carrots and onions too.
You name it.

Try sweet fillings as well!  Dust with sugar before baking.

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