Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My mission.

I would like to save some of the culture of the islands and our family. There is not much that is more valuable to a family than it's culinary history. What do we remember more than the family getting together for those big meals on holidays? I would also like to remember the average days. They somehow mean just as much, but they are often forgotten. There were wonderful cooks in the family. I struggle along, but I cannot compare with Grammie, Uncle Phil and my mother. We all love our mothers' cooking unless she was particularly bad at it. Grammie was special though, with the hoards of kids and cousins at the table all the time, visitors, cousins and siblings added to her usual brood of children. She did this with little money and lots of well disguised love and pride in her contributions. I also hear stories of Aunt Jo and all the things she taught Texas Mary when she was a young bride. I know there is a lot of good food hiding in our recipe boxes. I hope you will all contribute by sending recipes to my e-mail at: anerio@yahoo.com I will do my best to post them promptly for all the family to see.

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