Friday, November 6, 2009

Memories of Pani Caliatu

Dear Bill, … After sending you this last e-mail about “Pani Caliatu” … my personal “memory chips” were re-energized and I recalled how my mother and Aunt Jo would prepare ‘pani caliatu’. I might mention that at the time … and I was pretty young, … we used to have bread delivered to the house from a bakery in Chelsea (the Rossi Bros., I think) … owned by a Mr. Randazzo, a good friend of our family. I knew him and his two boys and a daughter very well.
So, for the ‘pani caliatu’, … they used the Italian ‘scali’ bread (unsliced of course) which is a bit heavier in texture than the normal ‘Italian bread” that you mainly find in stores. They would cut the bread in rather thick slices and bake it in the stove oven until it was pretty dry and crispy. Then it was crumbled for use for stuffing, in soup etc as well as for dipping in an olive oil mixture … that, I particularly liked.
Anyway, I thought I would pass on my memories of ‘Pani Caliatu” … Best Regards, … Joe(Col Joe Cafarella)

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