Sunday, February 1, 2009

Grammie's Wine Posted by Nancy Cafarella Bailey

I think that you are on your own with this one. I like it as a document, but I wonder if anyone will get a bottle of wine out of it. I suppose that those of you who have made wine in the past will get the gist of this. Please let me know if anyone uses this recipe successfully.
The photo is when Nancy came up to Houlton, Maine to take Grammie back to Medford. Mom and Grammie had been getting on each others' nerves for awhile and Grammie decided to go back to her home on Palmer Street in Medford where she lived with Aunt May quite happily, I think, till her death. Click on the photo to see a close-up. To read this, do the whole vertical page first. Then go to the horizontal page and start on the right side. Then do the left. The bottom two lines all the way across are last. Grammie talks about having her mother with her in this letter, that puts this before 1961 when her mother died. She would just have moved in to the house on Pleasant Street when this was written.

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