Saturday, February 14, 2009

Limoncello number two

Ok, so you cant find Everclear. You could adjust the last recipe a bit by adding more Vodka instead of the Everclear and reducing the water, or try this version if you are not adventurous. This is pretty close to Grammie's description of the process. Mildred, Sis and I tried our damnedest to get some lemon seeds from the tree in Grammie's childhood home's front yard. We made tons of lemonade. We all liked the lemonade, but the real issue was finding a mature seed. It never happened! All the seeds were immature. I should have had the presence of mind to look for dropped fruit, but sometimes you are just dumb about such things.

15 well scrubbed lemons.

2 750 ml vodka(the highest proof you can find)

4 cups of sugar

5 cups of water.

Zest the lemons thinly

In a large all glass container, put one of the bottles of vodka and the zest.(drink the other bottle of Vodka)(NO, NOT REALLY)

Let it sit sealed for 10-40 days. (this is about the color and intensity of flavor) in a cool place.

In a pan, make a syrup from the sugar and water and boil.

Cool and add to the alcohol along with the second bottle of alcohol.

Allow it to rest ten to fourteen days.

Bottle as in the first recipe.

You can substitute any citrus peel that you like for this.

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