Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baked/Broiled Veggies

Just a quick way to serve an attractive vegetable.

Start with vegetables at room temperature.

Cut a medium tomato in half horizontally and remove the seeds.

Cut baby Zucchini the long way in half or in thirds for larger squash.

Cut onion into horizontal disk in thirds.

Split tiny Eggplants in half the long way.

Lay the vegetables in a lasagna pan of glass ceramic or metal. You must remember that glass and ceramic my not fare well under the broiler for long.

Salt and pepper all the veggies.

Saute minced garlic in olive oil and sprinkle on the vegetables. Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar if desired.

Mix grated Parmesan or other favorite grating cheese and an equal amount of bread crumbs.(fresh preferred but any will do)

Dampen the mixture with olive oil and sprinkle on the upper cut surface of the vegetables in a heavy layer.

Run under the broiler or bake at 350(preferred) or so till the vegetables are just heated through and the crumbs are well browned. It will work better under the broiler if you broil one side, turn them, coat with the crumbs and put back under the broiler.

Serve with grilled bread on a bed of dressed bitter or mixed greens, cheese and a good wine. Toasted nuts like pine nuts, almonds or walnuts and a sprinkling of capers would be nice.

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