Friday, September 11, 2009

Spanish Style Omelet

If you go to a Tapas Bar in Spain, one of the most popular dishes is an omelet which is nothing more than precooked potato cubes mixed with beaten eggs and simple seasoning.  Fried at a low temperature in a well seasoned frying pan and perhaps finished under the broiler, or baked in a shallow well greased pie plate.  They serve it in little wedges while you are enjoying a sherry, beer or wine.

Just choose a nice variety of vegetables and cut them into pieces that will cook at the same rate, a couple of cubed potatoes and a precooked meat
cubed zucchini and eggplant would be good if you are into that, perhaps with red peppers, or roasted red peppers added with the meat at the end. 

I use chopped carrots and onions.

Place them in a seasoned frying pan with a couple of tablespoons of vegetable or olive oil and cook at very low temperature till the carrots are cooked and the onions caramelized.

Add a couple of cloves of minced garlic near the end of the cooking time.  Douse with a couple of ounces of water in the middle of the cooking time if the carrots are not cooking fast enough and allow it to boil away, then continue to caramelize.

 I precook a package of spinach, squeeze out all the moisture and chop it well. 

Boil the potatoes cut in 3/4 inch cubes till just tender.  Do not over cook.

When the vegetables are cooked, I season with salt and pepper, a dash of oregano.

Beat six eggs with a splash of milk, salt, Pepper, cayenne to taste, Paprika to taste, a pinch of nutmeg, (Parmesan if desired)

Off the heat, nestle bits of the spinach all through the vegetables in the pan.  Then press two dozen large precooked shrimp into the veggies.  Pour the eggs over the entire pan. The eggs should come just to the surface of the food.  You can always add another egg if it does not cover.

Return to the heat at a very low temperature until much of the egg is set.  Run the entire pan under the broiler till the top is spotty brown.

Cut in wedges, hot or room temperature. 

Find onion cream sauce posted elsewhere or make a tomato or red pepper coulis to serve over it.
See Spinach Pie.

You could easily tart this up...pardon the very English grilling thin slices of zucchini or eggplant.  Line the bottom of the lightly greased baking pan in an attractive pattern(just in case it is dropped upside down, you do not want to be embarrassed by sloppy work.).  Pour all the vegetables, potatoes and eggs over the layer of grilled veggies and bake as above.

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