Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Eggs Breakfast on Saturday

Paul McLaughlin loved doing these and was the one I always remember doing this.

THE BIG SPECIAL BREAKFAST that my parents had on Saturday mornings or for lunch if the mood struck them was a simple variation of Eggs in a frame.
Just caramelize peppers(Red were far too expensive and a bit rare in the fifties and sixties in Maine) and onions in olive oil. The plain yellow oil was all there was. You can always drizzle a bit of extra virgin on top when you serve it, but why destroy the flavor by frying with it.
Add sliced Pepperoni while the veggies are finishing up. I soak up some of the fat, tasty as it is. The pork fat is better left out at least partially and a lot of fat comes out of the pepperoni.
Then beaten eggs were scrambled into the mix.(the proportion was very high on the egg and less veggie and meat. We did not eat underdone eggs, but light, fluffy eggs(mix with a tablespoon of water per egg when beating)(water not milk) in a very soft scramble would be wonderful with fresh cracked pepper and Parmesan.
Grilled or toasted bread was served on the side.

You can do this with a bit of cream in the egg instead of water, but it is rich and heavy and truly should be left in a very soft state like a pudding. This is truly the time to use truffle oil. Do not fry with it, just use it as a condiment.

I remember Graham Kerr using a wonderful word for the texture...Baveuse.

Just to add another odd note to this series of recipes: I no sooner finished posting this than I went to watch TV for a while. There on the Food channel, was Graham Kerr. It was a program I remember seeing when I was living at home in the
60s or early 70s. It confirmed that he was the craziest and most over the top personality ever. As I understand it, he was half drunk through most taping sessions and consumed more on air. Funny, funny, guy and My Hero!

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