Friday, June 12, 2009

Sandy's Pork Chops

I went to visit our Friend Sandy H. last night.  I put a light up in her kitchen.  What a disaster coming home though, the GPS took me to parts of Boston that I had never even heard of, let alone been to.  She lives in a great townhouse in Chelsea for a few weeks a year and rents it out the rest of the time to return to Florida. 
She thanked me with a great meal of roasted red potatoes and her mother's Vinegar Peppers and Pork.
She has a difficult time getting the vinegar peppers outside of Boston.  I am sure they exist, but it is difficult to find someone who stocks them.
In this case, Sandy uses Vinegar Peppers from Pastene  Very simple green peppers preserved in plain vinegar.  What kind of vinegar, I could not tell.
She ordered thick pork chops, and she ended up with prehistoric pig sized chops.  They were huge!
Anyway, she slivered an onion over the pork chops in a baking dish, and topped them with strips of the vinegar peppers and some of the liquid.  She added salt and pepper and slid them in the oven for an hour.  Use a fairly low oven for this.
After an hour, it was great. 
You could easily just marinate peppers in vinegar yourself if you cannot find them in a jar.  Perhaps just bring the vinegar to a boil and pour it over your sliced(green) peppers and cover to marinate for a day.
I often use Balsamic vinegar with pork, along with Rosemary and Garlic cloves. 
If you wanted this to be more Sweet and Sour than just acidic, you could experiment with adding a Tablespoon of sugar to the liquid.  Adjust each time you do this till you get the balance you like.
Personally, I have always loved vinegar, and if my mother had done this when I was young, I would have begged for them...Plus vinegar is so good for you!  

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