Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cutlets With My Cousin Jennie DeFina

I have been trying to get recipes out of my cousin Jenny for a very long time.  I went to visit her yesterday after working in Dedham for a while.  The highway was crammed southbound, so it was really the only thing to do, added to the fact that I love seeing her.
She really didn't give me any of her recipes, but I tried to PUMP HER for information as we ate.


Jennie evidently has the butcher cut a roast into very thin slices.  In this case it was pork, but veal would do just as well, and this would translate well into chicken breasts butterflied, or sliced across the grain in a smaller format, or turkey.

Even though she has asked for the thin slices, she pounds them even thinner, and indeed these were as thin as perhaps a few playing cards.

The dips them into flour and shakes off the excess, then she coats them with beaten egg.  Then into a mix of bread crumbs, parsley, garlic salt(I might use garlic powder and salt myself, but that is just me, because I do not keep the garlic salt) and cheese.  Parmesan or Romano would be good. 
With a good coating of these, you can allow them to sit on a tray or cooling rack to firm up or dry to a nice coating.  You can then layer them up with waxed paper and wrap them for the freezer, using what you want for the first meal. 
Take them out of the freezer and thaw briefly in the microwave or on a counter.  Fry toll golden and perhaps with darker spots in olive oil.  My family has used Phillipo Berio regular olive oil.  Extra virgin is best for fresh, uncooked uses.

Top with marinara and Mozzarella.
Grill red and green peppers and onions till soft and serve with the cutlets in a sandwich.
I like roasted red peppers and other pickled veggies with mine.  The tiny grilled Cippolini you get soaked in balsamic vinegar would be terrific, as would olive salads, giardinera, mushrooms etc.  Add a glass of red wine and thank heaven you are Italian!

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