Friday, June 5, 2009

Hard Not Boiled Eggs

I just thought this was a neat technique. I am constantly doing something with eggs in the microwave. Perhaps I just cook off the white or yolk when I have an excess of one or the other and give it to the dog with his lunch. But you know the results if you are not really careful. It blows up. Working a couple of nights a week at a local hotel, I see how they set up their breakfast. It includes hard boiled eggs, but they do not have a stove. I bet this would be a help when preparing a big feast and do not have the time to do the eggs on top of the stove or just have a stove top full of stuff and no room for another pan. Here is how they do it.

You will need:

A shallow microwave safe bowl big enough to hold a dozen eggs in a single or nearly single layer (It is OK if they overlap a little, but I think a second full layer would not work out).

A microwave safe plate like Corelle or glass.

Place the plate upside down in the microwave. Put a dozen eggs in the bowl and cover them with water by about a quarter inch. Place the bowl on top of the plate to raise it off the bottom of the microwave.

Microwave on High power for 8 minutes. Remove the bowl and cool naturally. Peel as usual. However it is a little more difficult to peel than traditional. I would just do these if people were peeling them themselves or if you somehow cannot do them on the stove.

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