Sunday, March 8, 2009

Alberta Burrill

Alberta was my sister's mother-in-law. That means that my niece and nephews will recognize her recipes. Born in Maine in the early years of the last century, her birth name was Hutchinson. Without a drop of Italian blood, proud of her DAR leanings and her connections to the Mayflower; she would be horrified by many of the recipes posted here.
When I knew her, she was one of those women who had the season ticket to the Community Concert series each year. Always searching for a cultural pastime, learning French and Russian in her spare time and she was involved in the garden club.
When she was quite elderly, she was clearly not going to be able to live in Florida alone through the winters. Her son Fred(my brother-in-law) went to check up on her. She offered him cottage cheese sandwiches on white bread. Perhaps she was a closet Norwegian with the white on white meals.
But, Alberta fed her men as I said elsewhere and loved to offer sweets.
Brownies were, of course, the drug of choice, but she had an armory full of sweets recipes which I plan to offer here. She probably used these for her various cultural meetings that might have put on a Pot-luck or a Tea on occasion.
It is unfortunate that I cannot offer her brownie recipe here....A strange thing to have lost out of all these offerings. But I will publish the Brownie recipe that was first to appear in the United States. I do not know if I would run right out and make this because it has few of the characteristics that we associate with Brownies today. As a curiosity, it might be fun though. I will put the Brownie recipe I like best on the site later on, just in case you are one of the three or four people in the country who does not have your own recipe for these. That Brownie recipe comes to me courtesy of my sister in Maine.

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