Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blackberry Ice Cream Low Fat

This is not meant for long term storage.  After about 18 hours in the freezer, it will start to revert to ice crystals as it was originally intended to do by nature.  It is nice and soft at first, like soft serve, and like regular, though sherbety ice cream as it hardens.  Make what you will use at your dinner party or for tonight's supper.  It is so easy, you can do a batch a day without too much effort.  Remember you will have about 6 cups when you are done.  If that will not be used up immediately, cut the recipe.

4 cups of frozen Blackberries, other frozen berries or frozen ripe bananas or peaches for the flavor of your choice.
2 cups skim milk
1/2 cup sugar.

Pulverize the sugar by running in your food processor for 1 minute or use the same measure of superfine sugar.  Or you can use the manufaturers recomended measure of Splenda or other artificial sweetener.  This may alter the texture of the finished product.
Combine the other ingredients in the food processor and process till smooth and creamy.  Do not process for too long or the friction will melt it.
Pour into a metal container and freeze till firm.  It would not hurt to stir or mash this once after about half an hour in the freezer and then continue to freeze.

Halve or double the recipe as desired.
You might add other ingredients as desired, but the frozen fruit or berries are important.  The idea for good texture is to get the whole thing to gel up immediately with the pre frozen fruit.  Freezing skim milk from the liquid state will form large ice crystals and you want to avoid that if you do not want to take this out of the freezer and mash or process it over and over till it is finally solid.  It will be inferior in any case.  Avoid acidic fruit like citrus unless you use cream instead of skim milk.

If you want to step this up a bit, you could strain out any seeds before you put this into the freezer.  This is not necessary, but I know there will be those who will hate the seeds.  Since this is such a high proportion of fruit to milk, this really is like a milk sherbet more than ice cream.  Of course, if you wanted to rich this up a bit, you could substitute whole milk or even half and half for the skim.
Serve a small scoop of this with a slice of pound cake, a sugar cookie, or a biscotto. 

For fun, pack a quart container with alternating layers or stirred together portions of softened Vanilla Ice Cream and this.  Return the packed container to the freezer, and freeze till firm again. before scooping out.

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